Paid Traffic Vs Free Traffic – Which Is The Best?

There are several different ways to Buy Website Traffic, and there are big differences in the traffic that will be obtained. In this article I will discuss how to determine the website traffic that will actually be converted. Conversion means generating prospects, making sales, or directing visitors to your page full of advertisements.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – One option to get traffic to your website very quickly is through PPC. This service converts visitors from Google AdWords, Yahoo Advertising, and Bing Search Advertising. The benefit of using the top PPC search engine is that you can buy website traffic from some of the most used search engines on the internet. If you are not sure what you are doing, in fact they can be wasteful.

Some of the second level PPC services are Searchfeed, Looksmart, and Adbrite. Why do we want to use a second level machine? The first is the cost, if you plan to Buy Targeted organic traffic and you have a very limited budget, you can switch on one of the second level machines to make sure you will get the conversion you want.

The second reason is the problem of your website, product or service. Some websites or products are considered taboo in the eyes of Google or other machines. It may be legal and legitimate to promote and sell, but if they don’t like it, they might not be promoted through their machines. The third reason for buying website traffic from second level machines is that sometimes there is a more targeted audience, there will be fewer clicks but that is quality clicks.

Buy website visitors for free – This sounds interesting, but it’s not as easy as you might think. If you have time to learn SEO games, then you can get traffic without spending money. Implementing an SEO strategy can generate free traffic, but there is time and work that must be invested to get free traffic. Implementing a good SEO strategy makes organic traffic very good, targeted, creating long-term traffic.

Either way to get the amount of traffic you want, you will most likely want to buy website traffic. There are many strategies to promote your business on the internet, but nothing makes sense unless you can get targeted visitors to your website. Setting up a website to promote your product or service is the first step to take. Learning how to get targeted visitors to your site is the next step. Find ways to get more targeted visitors to your website by following a number of proven steps.

After you Buy Targeted organic traffic, you have to know whether the traffic we get includes organic traffic. By using Google Analytics, we can clearly see statistics from our Blog. Google Analytics is the best choice to know where we are getting traffic. In essence, Google Analytics can find out whether the traffic we get is Organic Traffic.



What is the SMART targeting technique?

Our lives are full of such coarse and long-lasting goals that many remain as a wish! So far, you’ve said to yourself, “Why do not I get my goals?” Or “why can others and me not?”

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place; this article is intended to help you learn the right way of selecting a goal with a simple technique called SMART.

How did SMART targeting work?

In the late 19th century, the American philosopher Albert Habard realized that many people were failing to reach their desires. This was not because they were not clever or lazy. Herbart realized that the problem was that people were not focusing on their goals. In fact, people needed a way to pinpoint their desires to not waste their energy for scattered things.


Mr. Adams was a consultant in the field of management and management of a company in Washington. In November 1981, he published an article titled “An Intelligent Way to Write Management Objectives.” This article introduces the same SMART targeted web traffic, which has a new look at how the goals were selected.

What is SMART targeting?

Unlike its name, Smart is not a smart and weird way. It is not supposed to provide a complex and complex algorithm for your purposes to determine whether your goal is right or wrong. The SMART word has been taken from the first letters of 5 words, each referring to a feature. 5 smart features include:

Mr. Duran realized that if they had the goals of these five features, people could focus on their desires and increase their chances of success.

One small point: The features of a target are not so inflexible and stable, and we see that features have been added to this list over time. For example, E evaluated and R reviewed are two attributes that have been added to SMART later, but in my opinion, these two actions act on their own goals; therefore, it is better not to overdo it, and let’s go to the core of the subject .

Write down your SMART goal.

I suggest that you take a paper and an auto before reading the article and note one of your most important goals. Throughout the paper, you can review and correct your goal, and see how much has changed in the end.

SMART target features

We said that according to the SMART method, it is appropriate to determine, measurable, achievable, appropriate and timed. Now we explain each one separately. Read and see if your goal either has this feature.

Look at these three goals:

  • I want to make my site better
  • I want more visitors to my site
  • I want 10,000 visitors to visit my site

Which one of these goals can be easily achieved?

Surely, the goal is a clearer statement of what we want and exactly what the outcome of the work should be. So, it’s easier for the mind to focus on it. So the first feature of the smartphone tells us that the goal must be clear, precise and accurate. That is, you must know exactly what you want? Be careful about the word ” exactly ” because your goal must be detailed and accurate. So, if we want to make the same basic example of “Increasing site visit” with the above questions, it is expressed as:

You want with good content and advertising, visitors to your site to 10,000 people daily. So, you probably need to buy website traffic from digital marketing consultant. And in the end, you may decide to choose a specific place, like Insta or Google, for your ads.

The goal must be measurable.

Your goal should be such that it can be measured. By measuring, you can easily figure out where you are working, or how many percent of your goals are practiced.

Compare two of the following:

  • I want to see my site more
  • I want my site to visit 1000 people by the end of the month

At a glance, it’s clear that the second goal is easily measured, because with Google Analytics you can easily check the number of hits.

For example, if you manage to get 600 site traffic by the end of this month, you’ve got 60% of the way. How much your goals are spent will give you the energy to keep up your path.

India Can Be Next Volunteering Destination

There are many volunteer opportunities abroad. Everyone has the opportunity to go abroad for free; one of the countries that have become the goal of foreign voluntary programs is India. If you are interested in volunteering in India, then prepare yourself to choose a number of programs that are suitable for you, such as teaching English to children, street children programs, and women’s empowerment programs, working in orphanages, medical internships, health programs and various projects that are combined with traveling.

Jobs in projects that involve children usually use pleasant modules. The education module is very important so that the learning objectives can be achieved; the module functions as a teacher’s guide when delivering material that has been adapted to the needs of children. Children need a pleasant atmosphere when learning, those who are in unfortunate conditions cannot get a pleasant atmosphere and quality learning; a volunteer in india give it all; pleasure, knowledge, good English, skills, etc.

The medical internship program is popular among medical students. If you want to get valuable experience dealing with sick people, the medical volunteer program is perfect for gaining experience dealing with sick people. Well, to become a doctor you have to do an internship; What if the internship program is accompanied by traveling? Surely you like to receive volunteer programs in India that offer direct exposure and training to participating apprentices.

Women’s empowerment is a program that certainly appears in every voluntary program. Empowerment is an effort to improve the quality of life with various skills and expertise. The aim of this program is for women to be more productive, independent, live well, and have valuable life skills. There are still many other programs that they need and certainly in accordance with the ability of volunteers; to find out more please visit

India is blessed with varied and spectacular natural beauty. This country is home to one of the seven wonders of the world, it is The Taj Mahal. In addition, voluntary travelers can visit Khajuraho Temple, Varanasi Ghats, Andaman Coast, and the Nicobar Islands, Mughal Architecture and Sultanate in Delhi, Himachal Pradesh Bukit Indah Station to beautiful architectural heritage at Hampi and Mysore. You will be a lucky person if you become a volunteer in India; In addition to providing a mentally, culturally and spiritually beneficial experience, volunteers will have easy access to various tourist destination locations.

Volunteer support in India has helped hundreds of women and children obtain their full rights; whether it’s about education, welfare, health, etc. Make yourself part of a noble mission to provide various rights for women and children in India.

Reasons to Book Male Escort Services

There are many people who make dating as an activity that must be done before marriage. Through dating someone will get to know each other more closely, but not everyone has the opportunity to date. This means they don’t have the attention of the loved ones. For men, dating might be difficult because they must be able to make the first step when discussing with a girlfriend. Men must also be a source of information and knowledge, if a girlfriend is sad, then a boyfriend must be ready to make her comfortable and stay motivated.

Women are impressed with the man who is capable of being back. Not all boyfriends can be your leader, because to be a good boyfriend is difficult. The dissatisfaction of women with their partners will create separation; separation is something that is not desirable for all women. They will lose their pride; they will be ashamed of their friends. However, separation can be a good thing if dating can cause bigger problems. There are many women who choose to be single because they have received quality attention from men. So, who is the man who is able to give attention to women? There are no men who are better at paying attention to women other than Male Escort Services. Male Escort is needed by women when they are alone; this service is also needed to increase self-esteem and confidence.

Another reason for modern women when using Male Escort Services is that they don’t want to be seen alone when attending special events such as client birthday parties, exhibitions, and weddings. In essence, this service will help every woman to get out of the hassle.

There are many top class events requiring women not to be alone. Attending a wedding will drain your emotions; this event will risk self-esteem when attending alone. Marriage can be an extraordinary event, very pleasant and even emotional, but not when you are alone. Being at a wedding alone is embarrassing, isn’t it? Moreover, you are a respectable person. Choose the best Male Escort from a trusted Male Escort Services website to ensure your life is respected among people who attend important events. I cannot imagine how bored your life will be when you attend a top class event alone.

There are many Male Escort Services on the internet, one of which is trusted is Through this site, women will get comfortable and reasonable male escort services. A man, who is great, fun, smart, healthy, smart, will accompany you everywhere. If you are interested in this service, schedule time and place to meet. However, don’t forget to discuss payments that you have to make.

Private Guide Tours in Rome For Getting Amazing Experience

Everyone would want to go to Rome, Italy. Everyone knows that Rome is a pleasant, peaceful and amazing place. If you want a vacation with family, then Rome is a very suitable place. This city is very famous; it’s easy to find references and information about Rome. What can we find in Rome? Of course the museum, Rome has several buildings that keep historical secrets still and still stand today even though they are only in ruins. If you come to this city, you will be guided by a tour guide to a different era. To be able to enjoy the beauty of buildings and historic sites in Rome, you need an experienced tour guide.

The tour guide from Tour of Rome will guide tourists to all the sites you want to see while avoiding all tourist traps. Through the Tour of Rome, tourists can enjoy some of the most popular tours in Rome with a personal guide licensed by the Italian Government. How about the ticket? The Tour of Rome package provides official tour guides accompanied by tickets to all tourist attractions. Have fun with your personal guide, and ask all the things you want to know about Rome.

The most enjoyable educational tour is in Rome. Tourist spots in Rome are perfect for students, children, even students who carry out historical research assignments. There are many interesting places worth visiting; they are the Vatican Museums, the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine hill, etc. Tour of Rome guides tourists for several hours a day; tourists can choose packages according to their needs and budget. Well, I think the cost you spend is comparable to the knowledge that you can get from this eternal cultural city.

The city of Rome is an open-air museum. Every corner of the city presents a history that everyone needs to know, starting from monuments, beautiful parks, etc. To increase the excitement of traveling, maybe tourists can try to taste wine. Explore all tourist attractions in Rome with professional and communicative guides, if you want children to experience Rome’s history, you can take a family and kids Rome tours. Tour guides will entertain your children in different and very funny ways with the help of several technological devices such as the iPad with different applications, showing funny pictures and educating by playing. Guides understand how to explain valuable sites with children’s language.

Tour of Rome is the best Private Tours in Italy. Tour of Rome offers a unique and amazing experience. In addition to educational tours in the museum you can find other beauties by visiting some beautiful cities in Italy. You can buy several other tour packages, such as Sicily tours, Tuscany tours, Venice tours, etc.



Planning College Spring Break Well for Getting Affordable Package

College spring break is the most awaited moment for students. Spring breaks usually come before the end of the semester and before the thesis exam or others. Everyone needs a vacation, including students. They need the opportunity to have fun forgetting all college assignments. This is important so that students return with a clean and fresh mind and are ready to continue their struggle on campus.

The Moment of college spring break is a big party for students every year. Well, it’s just about lifestyle and culture; students will feel a different sensation when celebrating spring break in middle school and during college. All students are free to celebrate their spring break, if they can’t pay for this holiday bill it doesn’t matter. Well, if you are a lucky student who has the opportunity to vacation in the spring, don’t waste that opportunity. There are many exotic places worthy of a party; these places are Cabo, Mexico; Cancun, Mexico; Daytona Beach, Florida; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Havasu Lake, Arizona, etc. All tourist attractions are equipped with lodging, hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, party spots, etc. The important thing that must be considered by students is some regulations based on age limits.


Once you know some decent exotic places to celebrate spring break, it’s time to order a spring break package. It’s better to plan early to get cheaper prices, or you can access some discount vacation sites or you can register as a member at the wholesale travel site.

Some travel companies usually anticipate this moment. So, you don’t need to be afraid of losing the opportunity to have a spring vacation with your friends. Travel companies will offer several wholesale price packages because they know each order usually contains several people. The more people involved, the cheaper the price. Visit some travel company sites and make sure they provide spring break packages for many people, or if you don’t have enough time you can work with a travel agent. Look for experienced agents who understand student needs during the college spring break.

Actually, spring break can be planned on a limited budget; but if you are willing to do the initial research and planning. Plan your vacation carefully so you can have fun and not make yourself too much trouble when you are in the destination. In my opinion, buying a wholesale vacation package is the cheapest way. Bring all your friends to buy this vacation package, in addition to cheaper prices, vacation packages including hotel fees, meals, alcoholic drinks, tickets to party locations, flight tickets, etc. Buying a holiday discount package is also worth a try, but before buying, makes sure you check the testimonials or feedback from consumers about the services they have purchased.

The Best Travel Discount Services for Domestic or International Trips

One activity that requires a lot of money is traveling. The amount of the budget depends on the destination and accommodation to be taken. Actually, there is the best way to anticipate the high cost of travel. You can buy travel service packages wholesale at certain sites on the internet. Even if you become a member of the site you will benefit a lot like saving up to 70% on travel costs.

Well, how to find wholesale travel websites? It does take a little effort to learn about the quality of the site, but this is part of your effort to find the best service for traveling with your family. Careful planning must be done before traveling abroad, you need to prepare funds for lodging, airline tickets, determine your destination according to your budget, rent a car, etc. Planning cheap trips abroad is very difficult, but through Jifu Buddy Pass you can find cheap travel costs abroad, such as Rome, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Sydney.

Jifu - Independent Travel Advisor Color

There are many sites on the internet that offer low prices for vacation packages. But it’s hard to find, which can give you up to 70% of your vacation abroad. You need to know, when the holiday season arrives the price of airplane tickets and various hotels will experience price increases, but through Jifu Buddy Pass it will not happen to you. Even if you are already a member of the site, you will benefit from friends who have purchased vacation packages on your recommendation.

Many immoral practices are carried out by holiday companies. Do not let you be a victim of being deceived. Visit immediately when you are ready to book a travel package. You will find what you want for your trip.

Vacation packages consist of flight tickets and accommodation, if you are interested in looking for cheaper than you must explore the internet to find the best service. Not only airplane tickets and hotels, you will also get the ease of service during the holidays in terms of activities such as spa experiences, visiting more than 1000 cities, renting cars for traveling, etc. You can get all the best services just by joining as a member of a wholesale tourist website. Well, how to join with the site? Please click on Jifu Buddy Pass, and then you will get access to all discounts without obligation.

Open your mind regarding tourist destinations, airports, accommodations, meals, etc. The best travel deals are easier to find when you are flexible with your plans. If you can’t find cheap flight tickets to the city you want to visit, online discount services are always very helpful. You can easily get the best travel deals anywhere, domestically or internationally. Let Jifu Buddy Pass be your source for all travel information.

The Most Popular Floating Market in Bangkok

People in Thailand like to hang out in the floating market. Besides hanging out they also shop to meet their daily needs. This is where tourists can experience shopping for fresh fruit, vegetables, enjoy the sensation of drinking coconut on a boat or waiting for typical Thai cuisine cooked directly on a boat.

Not only Thai people like to shop at floating markets, but foreign tourists also like to enjoy the traditional floating market atmosphere in some regions of Thailand. If you read some references about floating markets in Thailand, you will find a long history. However, we will not discuss the issue of history here.

All tourists can get various types of Thai specialties in the floating market. Maybe you would be surprised to see women paddling in the spirit of selling merchandise and offering foreign tourists. Do they use English? Of course, yes. Actually, there are many floating markets in Thailand such as Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Amphawa floating market, Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market, Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market, etc. However, we will discuss just a few:

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market – Khlong Lat Mayom gives a warm welcome for tourists to experience the authentic floating market in Thailand. Foreign tourists prefer the unspoiled market atmosphere, they like to document economic activities in this unique market.

All markets are synonymous with diverse foods. However, having a different sensation, if you eat typical food and drinks on a boat that is rocking because of the flow of the river, this is a unique experience, right? Almost all tourists who visit various tourist attractions seek uniqueness. The floating market is a very unique activity.

There are many foods sold by women on boats, such as noodle soups, Pad Thai, Kanom Jeen, Hoi Tod, a kind of oyster made in the form of an omelet, fresh fruit, snacks, typical drinks, etc. If you are confused about choosing, just point to one of the food. It doesn’t hurt to try, right? Don’t worry about the price offered; they sell food at very affordable prices. For each portion of food, they usually sold 20 to 30 baths, or not up to $ 5.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market – If you like to decorate social media with unique photos, then this is the most fun place. Almost all tourists visiting Thailand once stopped at Damnoen Saduak, because Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is indeed famous in Bangkok. To avoid jostling, come to the floating market early, because not many visitors have arrived. If you want to enjoy a more romantic atmosphere, yes, you can come at night. Enjoy food surrounded by lights flashing from the boat around you.

Amphawa Floating Market – Amphawa Floating Market is not as wide as Damnoen Saduak. However, you can feel a more authentic floating market only at Amphawa. All local residents sell a variety of merchandise, but the most famous is the culinary taste. You can see various cuisines that are sold on boats, all dishes vary. This place is perfect for those of you who want to do culinary tours, especially seafood dishes such as squid, big shrimp, etc. Usually food vendors sell their food from day to night, so if you arrive in the morning you may have to be a little patient waiting for them for a few hours.

What about the price of food at Amphawa floating market? Because the ordered food is cooked directly in front of the buyer, the fish must be weighed first. This means the price of food ordered is based on weight. So, the price of food in the Amphawa Floating Market is diverse.